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Refrigerator repair company in Al AinOne of the leading companies in the field of maintenance and repair of refrigerators Emirates Fix appreciates the concern of housewives in the event of a malfunction in the refrigerator because the malfunction results in problems and spoilage of food and drinks that are kept in the refrigerator.

Why are we the best refrigerator repair company in Al Ain?

Refrigerators are long-lasting appliances that work 24 hours a day without stopping to keep food and drinks in good condition. The refrigerator is also one of the devices that cannot be maintained and repaired by ourselves so we must seek the help of professional technicians in this field. As repairing the refrigerator by a company specialized in maintenance will certainly make you feel reassured about the repair and ensure the quality of maintenance and that it will not malfunction again. Hiring a refrigerator repair technician saves you money effort and comfortRefrigerator repair company in Al AinOne of the best maintenance companies that can be trusted to repair various refrigerator malfunctions with a high level of quality efficiency and accuracy. As the use of a company specialized in maintenance and repair operations saves you from wasting your time effort and money. In addition it has a group of the best technicians who are experts in repairing all refrigerator malfunctions with the highest level of efficiency. We choose our team carefully according to specific criteria set by the company’s management and these criteria include accuracy efficiency honesty sincerity and certainly experience in maintaining and repairing refrigerators. It also trains technicians to deal with all models of refrigerators whether old or new. In addition the company allocates a group of technicians for each type of refrigerator so that it can deal with it and be familiar with the easiest ways to disassemble and install the refrigerator.

The most important advantages of a refrigerator repair company in Al Ain?

  1. The technicians who work in it are not distinguishedRefrigerator repair company in Al AinNot only their technical expertise but also the highest level of professionalism and commitment.
  2. The technician also adheres to his appointments with the client very accurately and answers all questions and inquiries of the client without any boredom. He also cares about the speed factor in carrying out tasks so as not to disturb the owners of the house.
  3. Moreover it is distinguishedEmirates Fix CompanyBy providing an approved warranty on the spare parts that are replaced during the repair of the refrigerator.
  4. We also work to provide quick service in a short time to prevent the problem from worsening and all of this at the lowest prices compared to the prices of other maintenance companies in Al Ain.
  5. In addition we are unique from other Al Ain refrigerator repair companies by providing emergency service. In the event of a malfunction in your refrigerator as soon as you request our service a refrigerator maintenance technician will be sent immediately.
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Refrigerator repair company in Al Ain

The most important causes of damage and malfunction of refrigerators

1. Overvoltage

When an increase in voltage occurs due to an increase in power it causes electric current to flow into the refrigerator from the inside and this flow generates a large amount of heat. Which can damage multiple parts inside. We will explain the parts that are most vulnerable to damage due to a sudden surge in current as follows: –

  • control BoardIt is considered one of the most sensitive parts of the refrigerator so it can be easily damaged when the temperature rises due to the high power. Refrigerators with a damaged control board can often be repaired because the board is relatively inexpensive to replace and replace.
  • اfor compressor: It can also be damaged by voltage surges and damage the windings needed in the operation of the compressor. This leads to early compressor failure and it is difficult to repair the refrigerator if the compressor is damaged due to the high cost of replacing it. It is often better to replace the entire refrigerator.
  • ice makerVoltage surges also can damage the ice maker in the refrigerator by increasing the heat generated by the electrical current flow. causing electrical connections and the ice maker assembly to fail. The ice maker is very inexpensive. So the refrigerator can be repaired if the ice maker is damaged as long as spare parts are available.

2. Lack of periodic maintenance

Refrigerators usually last 20 years or more with very little routine maintenance on an ongoing basis and without routine maintenance the lifespan of a refrigerator can be much shorter. We will list the parts that are severely affected in detail as follows:-

  • compressor coolingThe refrigerator compressor is the heart of the entire cooling system without it the refrigerator is useless. As with any critical mechanical component over time the compressor’s function degrades until it reaches its limit and the compressor may not operate and become mechanically clogged. When this happens it will make a constant noise when it is turned on and heat up very much. If the compressor is damaged it is difficult to replace it because it is very expensive. But replacing the compressor may be the most cost-effective option for modern refrigerators.
  • fan motorIt is one of the most important mechanical parts and is often subject to wear and tear with the passage of time on the refrigerator. Fan motor bearings can become clogged with dirt and dust stopping the motor in operation and often having to be replaced with other spare parts.

What are the services of a refrigerator repair company in Al Ain?

Refrigerator repair companyWe provide quality and timely repair services for your refrigeration systems whether commercial or domestic. We meet the needs of all brands of refrigerators as our team is experienced in repairing and serving as quickly as possible. We also provide repair and maintenance service for all major brands and models of refrigerators whether it is a top or bottom freezer two side doors or a full refrigerator. Our company will help you to get the best result and enjoy your refrigerator as new. Also we realize that most of the other companies are doing compressor fault detection and we know that it is very expensive. But did you know that most of our team’s diagnostics reveal a failure and damage other than the compressor so don’t worry this certainly very reassuring. These repairs are still affordable saving you money while extending the life of your device. That’s becauseRefrigerator repair company in Al AinIt does not aim to exploit customers financially on the contrary we aim to provide high-quality services by an expert team at the lowest prices. If you suffer from ice gathering on the inner walls of the freezer you will find that the freezer is working while heating part of the refrigerator there is a leakage of water from the refrigerator you hear a noise And LOUD. If you have any of these things or any other reason do not hesitate and contact us now and they will help youThe best refrigerator repair technician in Al AinAnd a team of specialists and find the best solutions.

Maintenance and repair of all types of refrigerators in Al Ain

  • be aloneRefrigerator repair company in Al AinWith its ability and capabilities to repair all different models and brands of refrigerators as its services include maintenance repair and replacement of refrigerator spare parts with other original parts and with an approved guarantee.
  • In addition the refrigerator maintenance company provides regular and timely maintenance services for the refrigeration systems of your refrigerator.
  • It also owns a fleet of cars to provide its services throughout the Emirates in order to facilitate maintenance and repair services in the best way and in the least time.
  • Where we have refrigerator maintenance available in our centers and it is transported by company car and it can also be maintained at your home if available.
  • Also during the examination of the refrigerator the technicians check the refrigerator’s rubber and magnet strength and ensure their quality. This because if they are destroyed gas is leaked which leads to a malfunction in the refrigerator. Therefore one of the first tasks of our team is a complete examination of all parts of the refrigerator.
  • In addition we get rid of the unpleasant odors emanating from your refrigerator. Our workers separate the electricity and take out all its components and then empty and secrete the food and drinks to get rid of the damaged ones.
  • And our team is equipped with all its equipment as it uses water vinegar and a cloth to wipe the refrigerator and make sure to eliminate the smell and wipe it with a clean one and then leave a little coffee in the refrigerator. Because of its wonderful effect in getting rid of odors we recommend leaving the refrigerator open for some time in order to ensure that the unpleasant smell is completely eliminated.

Cleaning and washing refrigerators in Al Ain

trackingRefrigerator maintenance company in Al AinSome steps must be taken to maintain refrigerators and extend their life including the cleaning process it is necessary to be completed correctly as a refrigerator repair company in Al Ain will explain: –

  • The company’s team performs an integrated cleaning process for the refrigerator from the inside and outside as well as the motor and condenser part.
  • But first of all remove all food and drinks from the refrigerator after which the shelves and drawers of the refrigerator must also be removed. Then wash them with a clean sponge and non-chemical refrigerator cleaners and set them aside.
  • We also use a clean cloth soaked in cleaning powder or a mixture of white vinegar and lemon and the internal structure of the refrigerator is cleaned. And avoid using any material that could be absorbed by the food leading to health problems.
  • After that the workers clean the drain hole and remove any leftover food stuck in it. And after making sure to get rid of any residue we clean the leather and rubber refrigerator door with a specific brush or an old toothbrush.
  • While the upper part of the refrigerator should be cleaned with a clean cloth and a little detergent that does not cause oxidation and rust to your refrigerator.
  • Next we vacuum the back of the refrigerator to remove any dirt and dust that has accumulated on it. As the accumulation of dirt and dust may be one of the reasons for the high rates of electricity consumption.
  • He also uses a clean cloth to wipe the front and outside of the refrigerator door so that it is shiny and clean. After carrying out the previous steps the refrigerator is turned on again and left until it regains its normal temperature.
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Refrigerator repair company in Al Ain

Refrigerator repair materials and tools used in our services

  1. screw driverScrewdrivers are used in different sizes and shapes but one of the most common screwdrivers we use is a screwdriver. It has a size of (8-10-12) mm and takes the shape of the letter Y.
  2. Large screwdriverThis screwdriver is considered one of the largest screwdrivers that we use in our company as it is known for its use in unscrewing the water pump pipe.
  3. Wire brushIt is often used to clean the inside of the refrigerator.
  4. straw welding: Our team uses it a lot and is known to use it to encrypt a motherboard until it needs to be replaced.
  5. pliers or pliersIt is one of the most used equipment in electrical work as it cuts wraps and installs wires. It is also suitable for home use and for dealing with household electricity.
  6. Shoe coversWhere the best refrigerator repair technician wears the covers while he is in your home.
  7. Antibacterial sprayOur technicians are provided with it to clean appliances and electronics that are brought into the home.

Steps and methods for repairing refrigerators that we follow in our services in Al Ain

The method of repairing the refrigerator varies according to the type of malfunction. Each malfunction has a different way of dealing with it. We will list some of the malfunctions for it andThe most important procedures in repairing washing machines in Al AinFollowed by our company in maintenance and repair: –

How to solve the light bulb stopped inside the refrigerator

  1. The problem is most likely due to the lamp being damaged although this does not always happen but it can happen. But don’t worry repairing a damaged bulb is easy and inexpensive.
  2. When our team arrives at you it will be equipped with all its needs and it will replace it with a better quality one by bringing a dry cloth and unscrewing the old lamp by moving it in a circular motion counterclockwise.

Solve the refrigerator cooling stop malfunction

  1. It may be damage to one of the parts of your refrigerator such as thermodisk thermal fuse or timer of your refrigerator. The only solution is to replace the damaged part with another original spare part. However the reason may be something else such as the ventilation holes are blocked and the solution to this malfunction is to make sure that the ventilation holes are cleaned.

Treatment of water leakage from the refrigerator

  1. Often the cause of water leaks in your refrigerator is that the hose is clogged due to the accumulation of food residues in it which leads to the formation of small pieces of ice. In this case the electricity is separated from the refrigerator and moved from its place.
  2. Then it is completely emptied and all food drinks and vegetables are taken out and then hot water is thrown into the refrigerator until the ice is thawed.
  3. Moreover we open the drain from the back and make sure that the rubber valve above the drain is clean with soapy water.

Solve the problem of the refrigerator suddenly stopped working

  1. In this case you need to make sure that the electricity is connected to your refrigerator correctly as it is possible that the electrical socket moved a little which contributed to the refrigerator stopping working. And if you are connecting electricity to the refrigerator vian intermediate socket all you have to do is connect the intermediate socket because the possibility of damage is high. And connect the refrigerator to a direct electrical connection.
  2. The solution to this problem is often to unplug it for at least sixty minutes and turn it back on. This helps in adjusting the electrical panel of the refrigerator.

Does our company provide refrigerator repair shops in Al Ain?

  • Yes the company provides refrigerator repair shops in Al Ain as we seek to provide all maintenance and repair services to our valued customers. This because we want to make their lives easier and free them from breakdowns once and for all.
  • We also use the best imported equipment and are working to keep track of all developments related to the repair of refrigerators of all kinds.
  • We also have an experienced workforce and technical team. Regardless of the faults in your refrigerator we in our repair shops solve all faults with the best quality and the lowest prices.
  • In addition we are a specialized and guaranteed company in maintenance operations for various types of refrigerator malfunctions in Al Ain.
  • As we choose employment carefully and carefully according to specific criteria. This due to our desire to raise the level of service inRefrigerator repair shops Al Ain.

What are the faults for which we provide distinguished repair services in Al Ain?

  1. Electricity problemElectrical current problems are among the most important and common malfunctions that cause a malfunction in the refrigerator resulting in the failure of the internal light bulb and its stop working. It is often caused by a power outage from the refrigerator.
  2. Compressor problem: The cause may be a power surge dirty condenser coils refrigerant problems or compressor wear and tear over time.
  3. Dirty condenser coilsIn case of neglecting the regular cleaning of the condenser the coils can become clogged with dirt and dust which blocks the effective transfer of heat from the refrigerant to the air. As a result this problem results in the compressor working with greater effort and being damaged before the end of its life span. To avoid this problem the condenser coils must be cleaned continuously.
  4. Freon charging leakOne of the biggest and most important refrigerators malfunctions and this malfunction can be solved by making sure that there is freon gas. Because in most cases the malfunction is due to the expiration of Freon because it is the substance responsible for cooling. It should also be noted that the reason for the freon depletion is the frequent opening of the refrigerator leaving the refrigerator door open for a long time or cleaning it with sharp tools that cause holes and the solution here is to refill the freon by a technician who specializes in repairing refrigerators.
  5. Thermostat malfunctionIt is considered one of the most important parts as its damage leads to damage to the entire refrigerator to its final separation which leads to a rise in its temperature and results in ignition. We change it and replace it with an original spare part.

The brands of refrigerators for which we provide refrigerator repair service in Al Ain

  1. Samsung refrigerators
  2. Toshiba refrigerators
  3. hitachi
  4. Zanussi refrigerators
  5. Vista refrigerators
  6. Mitsubishi
  7. Indesit refrigerators

Where does our company provide its refrigerator repair services in the UAE?

  1. Refrigerator repair company in Dubai
  2. Refrigerator repair company in Sharjah
  3. Refrigerator repair company in Ajman
  4. Refrigerator repair company in Ras Al Khaimah
  5. Refrigerator repair company in Umm Al Quwain
  6. Refrigerator repair company in Dubai
  7. Refrigerator removal and repair company in Abu Dhabi
  8. Refrigerator disassembly and repair company in Al Ain
  9. Refrigerator repair company in Fujairah
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Refrigerator repair company in Al Ain

The neighborhoods in which we provide refrigerator repair services in Al Ain

ventricle Al-Jahili Industrial Zone denominator Ghafa mother
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Our company’s most important advice to keep your refrigerator from damage and dirt

  1. The refrigerator must be placed in a suitable place and space for ventilation leaving a space at the back and sides.
  2. Preventing the refrigerator from being opened constantly at high temperatures to prevent damage.
  3. It is necessary to clean the refrigerator on a regular basis to prevent the accumulation of food residues and dust.
  4. Cleaning the outside of the refrigerator daily to keep it clean and the rubber seal must be checked.
  5. Clean the condenser coils frequently to avoid permanent damage.

Refrigerator repair company prices in Al Ain

  • If you are looking for a company with a great wealth of experience and a certified guarantee and one of the first refrigerator repair companies in Al Ain and other regions. Then you are in the right place for your request as a companyEmirates FixWe provide you with the best quality maintenance services for various types of refrigeratorsThe best refrigerator repair technician in Al Ain.
  • In addition our company provides its team 24 hours a day and we guarantee that you will repair the refrigerator efficiently and accurately with the best tools and equipment that are imported from abroad.
  • We also realize that prices are what worries everyone the most so our company has provided you with the best services at the lowest prices. You will not find our prices in others.
  • As we do not aim at financial exploitation but rather we want customers to be satisfied and evaluate the quality of our services. In addition Emirates Fix was able to provide the impossible equation that others could not do which is an excellent service and an affordable cost for everyone.

The cheapest refrigerator repair company in Al Ain

  • Some may think that we are the cheapest company which means lower quality and lack of interest in hardware maintenance but you do not need to worry about this.
  • Emirates Fix has a good reputation in the field as a result of working for years in the maintenance of refrigerators of various types and is keen to always provide the best for its valued customers.
  • We also care about customers and are keen to provide the most suitable for them so we realize the suffering of some people in providing the cost of repair. Accordingly we have provided a group offers and discounts continuously to facilitate your convenience.

Refrigerator repair company numbers in Al Ain

I saved youRefrigerator repair company in Al AinHow to book a refrigerator maintenance service in easy and simple steps. You only need to contact the company through the available numbers. As when you call a customer service representative will answer you at any time. Our service is available 7 days a week including holidays. Then the technician will ask about the type of refrigerator and the nature of the fault if that can be clarified. After that an appointment is set and the customer chooses the appropriate time to receive the service. While the company provides the best specialized refrigerator repair technician with knowledge of all types of refrigerators and sends it to the customer at the specified time. Where the technician takes a close look at the refrigerator completely and first empties it of all the food and drinks stored in it. Then it fixes the fault by the latest imported devices in accurate fault detection processes. In the event that parts must be changed and installed with others all the original spare parts that the technician may need when repairing the refrigerator are sent and the technician replaces any damaged part. Maintenance and repair. After operating the refrigerator and making sure that the task of repairing it is completed efficiently and successfully. The technician washes and cleans the refrigerator so that it is ready for use immediately. After the technician finishes the work he instructs the customer and informs him about the cause of the refrigerator malfunction and explains instructions and tips to prevent the recurrence of such a defect and how to use the refrigerator properly.

The technician also gives the customer all invoices and guarantees for what he has done during work and after the technician leaves the customer service representative contacts the customer to hear his opinion the service provided to ensure the quality of maintenance.

Emirates Fix services to repair different types of refrigerators

General tec refrigerator maintenance – Whirlpool refrigerator repairPanasonic Refrigerator RepairHisense Refrigerator Repair

White point refrigerator maintenance – General Electric refrigerator repairIndesit refrigerator maintenance

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