• LG Group short for Lucky Goldstar is the second largest holding company in South Korea specializing in electronics chemicals and communications. A large number of companies are affiliated with it such as: telecommunications companies and their digital services companies
  • and its chemical companies and electronics companies and among the most important and prominent companies is LG Electronics which is also linked to several other companies.

About the LG company

LG is an electronics giant in every sense of the word starting in South Korea. It occupies the world with a wide range of different products and gains a permanent and huge position in all markets. Almost all areas of technology and electronics that we use in our daily lives. The problem is that it can become one of the five largest electronics and IT companies in the world the largest industrial group in South Koreand the global market leader with more than 60 different products. Not long ago LG products were sold in more than 80 countries around the world. Therefore talking about LG will not be more than one article covering all lines of the company’s products.

LG Company History

When it comes to LG the reputation and trust it has earned from customers around the world. We are talking about LG which is focused solely on the production of technology and electronics. LG Electronics founded in 1958 under the name Gold Star. 11 years after its inception Lucky Company was established. Specializing in the production of detergents and other household appliances. Later it merged with Jinxing Corporation and started producing household appliances such as washing machines and televisions. Therefore it is abbreviated as LG. In 1995 the company’s main name for a better life became the slogan and they worked hard to achieve it. For the first time the South Korean name was added to some products which is one of the most important reasons for the spread of electronic products made in Koreall over the world. This makes it a reliable product for consumers that competes with products in Europe. Where they have a near-monopoly LG introduced the first “Made in Korea” radio in the market in 1959. LG then produced the first refrigerator in Korea with purely Korean hands in 1965. That is a year before the first television was produced in Korea by LG after its success in Koreand export to some neighboring countries. LG had to take a big step towards global expansion in 1982 it created the first TV in Korea. Since then the LG name has become one of the most influential names in the world. In the electronic equipment market LG continued to retain and successfully develop the display industry and set up a joint venture in 1999 to develop LCD screens.

LG’s vision

  • LG’s slogan is Towards a Better Life and to achieve this it follows focusing on three important areas: first focus on customer needs second brand building and third smart technology with design.
  • When designing a new product LG places great importance on the research and development phase. As it aims to reach the product through which it serves customers the company studies the needs of consumers in order to design and produce devices that help relieve the pressures of daily life.
  • And improve the product category automatically attract more consumers to buy and trust its products thus building LG’s premium brand. The incorporation of AI into many LG products has played a role in producing more efficient and convenient devices.

LG in recent years

  • LG is currently divided into four different segments home entertainment smartphones home appliances and auto parts.
  • Taking 2017 as an example the home appliances sector alone generated $18 billion followed by the mobile phone sector one of the largest.
  • Also in 2017 it sold 55.7 million smartphones worldwide which is equivalent to 3% or 4% of the smartphone market sales. Located in the United States 34% of home appliance consumers use LG appliances.
  • The Korean company also has a strong sales base in Korea North Americand Europe; About two-thirds of the company’s revenue comes from these regions. LG continued its success earlier this year with a strong presence at CES North.
  • technology in the world including the Best Technology Award in the category LG has won Best TV Product of the Year and Expo for the fifth year in a row as Best Technology.

LG development stage

  • LG started as a plastics manufacturer in 1952 then grew into electronics and home appliances in 1958. It continued to develop products for years until LG developed its first 60-inch plasma TV in 1998. In 1999 LG was set up as a joint venture AG with Philips .
  • LG Corporation continued its secret growth to become one of the best electronics manufacturers until 2014 when LG Electronics announced its unique and stylish smart appliances. Which strengthened the strength of the company’s brand converted its shares into high-end shares. In addition to sharing content with LG smart devices it also enables owners to remotely connect and control unique functions. Users can send simple messages such as starting the wash cycle to control the washing machine.
  • LG Electronics has created the LG Signature a range of premium home and electronics products that capture advanced designs that are easy to use and responsive.
  • LG Electronics’ philosophy revolves around people sincerity adherence to the origin continuous innovation and helping customers live a better life. Another advantage of LG Electronics is safe and energy-efficient consumer products designed to reduce costs. And be efficient productive and environmentally friendly without negatively impacting the world.
  • LG Electronics continues to pursue its 21st century vision of being a global leader in digital technology. Including meeting customer needs through innovative products and premium services in the form of mobile devices digital televisions and advanced home electronics. innovative and continues to strengthen as a global technology leader in the electronics industry.

LG company logo

  • The two letters LG in the circle symbolize the world the future youth humanity and technology. And as the company said on its official website.
  • The company’s philosophy is based on human nature. Express a sense of friendliness and give the impression that LG is committed to providing the best for its customers.

LG products in the Middle East

  • LG provides customers in the Middle East and Africa with all new products in the field of electrical and electronic equipment; These products include: mobile phones audio and video equipment televisions vacuum cleaners microwave ovens refrigerators water purifiers washing machines electrical equipment gas stoves as well as information technology products such as computer monitors and 3D cinema screens as well as air conditioners.

LG Design Policy in the Middle East

  • In general the LG Group strives to provide consumer devices that help improve the standard of living and enjoyment of time. Therefore LG Middle East seeks to provide everything new that suits customers in the relevant regions and their lifestyles in different geographical areas taking into account that it includes these devices.
  • For its ease of use and speed of response as well as its electrical and electronic devices to achieve energy efficiency. This will increase your profits and increase customer confidence.

LG Marketing Policy in the Middle East

  • LG strives to communicate effectively with customers to showcase and market all of its new electrical and electronic products. Perhaps the most prominent venue for such a conference is InnoFes Middle East and Africa.
  • LG Electronics Middle East which was held in Seoul the capital of South Korea hopes to establish itself by showcasing the latest electrical and electronic equipment and technologies.
  • LG’s partners media and retail store owners in the Middle East and Africa have an invaluable opportunity to learn about these advanced technologies and gainsight into the company’s roadmap and future priorities.

LG Products Middle East 2019

  • 2019; LG highlighted the latest LG ThinQ LG SIGNATURE and LG Objet home appliances in real-world scenarios and introduced a variety of products that seamlessly integrate with the home environment.
  • On the other hand the exhibition not only shows the devices one but also includes small spaces to test some of them and get the gist of their performance such as the LG ThinQ. It is the latest LG SIGNATURE OLED TV R / Model 65R9.

LG Middle East Customer Support

  • In general LG has trained cadres in different countries to deal with its equipment products and maintain them properly and this another step in the main group’s endeavor to provide after-sales and repair services which improves the level of service to customers and increases their confidence in them. LG Middle East conducts such training.
  • One of the most prominent affiliated academies in the region is the Central Air Conditioning Systems Academy LG Amman which ranks first among other LG academies in the Middle East and North Africa region. These academies train employees to operate and stay up-to-date with air conditioning lighting and solar energy systems. All new things.

LG electrical products

  • LG Electronics’ products include: televisions home theater systems home appliances computer monitors wearable devices and smart devices.
  • Home appliances include: refrigerators washing machines dryers vacuum cleaners air conditioners and microwave ovens while smart devices include: smartphones tablets smart watches and keyboards.

LG Repair Service Center Egypt

  • Inform your dear customers of the importance of your first step by contacting an authorized repair service provider based on the experience accumulated by LG’s repair centers in Egypt.
  • From contacting LG Egypt customer service to turning on your device these steps will result in a higher quality experience. Simply put it is a matter of making the right choice. But it is a matter of searching on Google for web offerings between service providers.
  • It is likely that you will contact an irresponsible service center. This can also cause a lot of damage to your equipment both in terms of material loss and waste of original components in the machine.
  • LG Egypt authorization letter only takes 48 hours to fix your device. So you should know. We strive to make LG maintenance steps as easy as possible with the availability of parts and mobile service vans. Then because of the large number of branches spread in the governorates and some regions of Egypt

24 hour technical support

  • We send a large number of cars to all customers throughout the Republic wherever they are anytime and anywhere.
  • They always try their best to serve you as we have multiple departments responsible for all the equipment of our famous company.
  • Maintenance of LG refrigerators maintenance of LG washing machines maintenance of LG freezers maintenance of LG microwave oven maintenance of LG air conditioners have special sections.

Warranty included

  • We also provide you with the longest guarantees approved by our global company to provide the highest level of trust between us and all our customers and give them peace of mind at all times when they deal with us.
  • To remain at the forefront of the leading Egyptian companies. Therefore always stay in touch with our customer service team and they will get back to you as soon as possible to provide support and assistance register complaints and customer data.

LG Repair Service Center Egypt LG maintenance number 19089 Contact us

  • Calling the LG repair number in Egypt will help you to solve problems related to the operation of your device. The question is whether it is about the need for the main components of the product or is it about the preventive aspects and instructions on how to operate the equipment properly.
  • LG technical support representatives do their best to assist customers at LG authorized repair centers within a week.
  • The LG Egypt agency also provides qualified technical personnel to deal with the repair of modern home appliances of all models and diversity. Including LG refrigerators and washing machines.
  • Microwave air conditioner dishwasher dryer water heater hob LED screen repair and built in oven. So we tend to the quick fix at home method and instruct the repair engineers at LG center to put more effort into it.
  • Satisfying customers’ desire to provide fast service in the Egyptian governorates

LG Repair Service Center Egypt LG maintenance number 19089 Contact us LG refrigerator maintenance

  • Our company offers accurate and unique maintenance of LG refrigerators by the best highly qualified efficient and professional international engineers and technicians.
  • Since LG refrigerators are made with high quality and technology they must be handled with the best modern machines.
  • It is inseparable in any home and it always motivates us to provide you with everything you need at any time.

LG washing machine repair

  • We also provide you with quality LG washing machine service and maintenance. They are an important part of the home and the owner’s manual should be handled and read carefully to avoid malfunctions caused by misuse.
  • We also have experts who specialize in repairing LG washing machines. There wouldn’t be a home without buying an LG washing machine which has recently seen a huge boom. So the washing process just got better and faster.

LG Deep Freezer Maintenance

  • LG deep freezer maintenance is also available 24 hours a day and if anything goes wrong with the freezer the best engineers and technicians will serve you with high precision in record time.
  • We deal with LG refrigerators of all sizes and we have a good reputation in this field and we offer you the best service at competitive prices that are unmatched anywhere else in Egypt.

How long does it take to service LG appliances at my home?

  • usuallyThe maintenance time is about 40 minutes to 150 minutes.
  • butThere are some variables that may increase the time. Such as some provinces without LG service center branches.
  • andThe equipment has been severely tampered with by another technician or the product needs an overhaul such as the washing machine or refrigerator.
  • ThenThe device will be withdrawn to any branch of the nearest LG service center in the governorates.

What are the steps to repair LG at home?

  • after callingCall the Egyptian LG Center hotline to request service.
  • will be doneAdd maintenance requests to itineraries that belong to the district or city and assign a technician to do a home inspection.
  • usuallyMost replacement parts are not available on authorized LG vehicles.
  • CompleteExamine the product and select the bright components to replace. Then inform the customer of the total cost.
  • addedImmediate repair of equipment at the price of operation and movement based on customer approval
  • Then after completing the repair the customer will receive an invoice with the warranty certificate from the LG center.
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