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Our company is considered one of the best companies to repair and maintain all types of washing machines because washing machines are important and indispensable appliances in the home. Emirates Fix is ​​considered one of the leading companies specializing in..Al Ain washing machine repairAt the best level which is characterized by many advantages including low prices for all maintenance services otherwise the efficiency and professionalism of our technicians in the process of maintaining washing machines. Emirates Fix is ​​always in the first choices of customers in the entire UAE not just the Emirate of Al Ain as a result of what it provides Excellent ingredients for providing its services such as its reliance on modern technological devices advanced precision tools and trained and skilled labor all for low prices and more offers and discounts.

The best washing machine repair company in Al Ain

Our company is one of the few companies that has maintained its position over the past years. It has become one of the best companies that provide repair maintenance and cleaning services for washing machines in Al Ain. We are in the first place among the competing companies in the field and we have gained great confidence between us and our customers for our ability to provide them with many services at a low cost and high quality service for all. Many people flock to our company continuously because of the trust And the reputation known to us and this not from a vacuum but because of our diligence the professionalism of our team and the testimony of our valued customers. Who have dealt with us before. We also work 24 hours a day and are always on call to meet the needs of customers anytime and anywhere. We remove the accumulated deposits inside the washing machine which is a big problem that must be taken into consideration because it causes a lot of problems. Such as poor efficiency of the washing machine or its stop working. We also provide a guarantee that the user will not face any problems or malfunctions when operating the washing machine for a long time due to the high quality of maintenance. We have experience and competence that are distinct from other competitors in the field. It is represented in the work team consisting of a different group of multinational workers. And trained in the best methods and advanced means. It is also characterized by a wide reputation and great fame resulting from its hard work. Which continued over the past years during which it was able to achieve great successes that no other company can reach. We provide our services based on the latest tools and equipment that make our performance better easier simpler and faster. We consider the cheapest compared to the prices offered by competing Emirati companies in addition to the offers and discounts that are unique to it. It also has an advanced team of customer service representatives who respond to various inquiries and complaints immediately. It also contributes to the conclusion of contracts as soon as possible.

Features of Al Ain Washing Machine Repair Company

The Emirates Fix Center for washing machine maintenance services has many features that make us one of the best maintenance companies in Al Ain. Below we will explain the advantages of the company: –

  1. The center provides an integrated customer service department that is trained to deal with customers in the best possible way.
  2. We also have a comprehensive team of engineers and technicians specialized in maintenance and repair of washing machines in Al Ain with extensive experience in this field.
  3. As well as providing efficient and high-quality services that satisfy all customers and among those services is the washing machine cleaning service. And installation of washing machine units of all kinds in Al Ain.
  4. Our company also offers prices that suit all social groups which helps to request washing machine repair services in Al Ain. without thinking about the cost.
  5. It has a great ability to deal with different brands and types of washing machines in all versions and models. When dealing with any type of washing machine it is necessary to rely on modern technology tools and equipment coming from abroad.
  6. We can deal with all international and local brands of dishwashers or automatic and regular washing machines. We provide all original spare parts. It comes with a one-year warranty so that the customer can trust the service provided.

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What are the capabilities that distinguished Emirates Fix from others?

It is distinguished by the element of speed in providing services to customers as it is as soon as it receives the customer’s call. She goes immediately to his address to provide the service. She also has several teams of human cadres and engineers specialized in business.Maintenance and repair of washing machinesThroughout the week. Periodic follow-up service is available for washing machines after completing the service to ensure that they operate at the required efficiency. In addition to periodic maintenance services which may last up to three months or according to the customer’s desire. It also provides maintenance and repair services for automatic washing machines relying on the best advanced equipment which helps to accurately locate faults. It provides all the ingredients that help it deal with Professional washing machines. There are also warranty periods on all spare parts that we replace. Also the prices that our company collects in return for the services it provides are competitive in this field. Where it provides its customers with many facilities and various offers.

مميزات شركة العين لتصليح غسالات الملابس

Advantages of Al Ain Washing Machine Repair Company

The reasons for the failure of the washing machine

  1. One of the most important and dangerous reasons is to put a lot of clothes in the washing machine. And use bad detergents so detergents of known source must be used.
  2. Also improper use of the washing machine. or turning them on more than once a day contributes to the malfunction. And hearing loud sounds or vibrations while the washing machine spins and dries it loud and clear. This a clear indication that the device was not properly positioned and installed.
  3. Frequent power outages while the washing machine is running are also common causes so it must be disconnected immediately.
  4. Well whoFamous malfunctions inside the washing machineIt does not dry clothes well due to the large amount of clothes that have been placed.
  5. In addition to itMalfunctions of automatic washing machinesA blockage in the drain or there is a coin or piece of cloth that prevents it from draining the water. Not all clothes are washed well.
  6. Also the presence of dirt in the washing machine tub creates an unpleasant odor inside the washing machine and the tub must be cleaned once a week to preserve it.

Washing machine repair company services in Al Ain

Repair of automatic washing machines in Al Ain

Emirates Fix is ​​the best company that provides servicesMaintenance of automatic washing machinesWith high quality and efficiency. As it is able to deal with all the faults of the automatic washing machine. It also possesses modern technological devices which make it able to detect all malfunctions. It also has all types and forms of original spare parts for all parts found in various models of washing machines. Automatic whether (semi-automatic super-automatic) or regular. It can also deal with various forms of malfunctions that may occur in washing machines of all kinds. And work on fixing it and making sure it works perfectly. It can work on fixing all malfunctions related to thermostat and the timer. It is also possible to identify the type of fault in the operating switches. The work team also includes a number of technicians specialized in maintenance and repair of various types of faults related to drainage pipes. The company also has electricians who provide repair work for faults that may affect the circuit. In addition to that the company provides maintenance services for all parts in the washing machine such as pumps motors or operating parts.

Automatic washing machine repair team

careAutomatic washing machine repair companyIn the city of Al Ain a lot of human cadres because they are fully aware of their importance to customers in terms of experience or dealing. For this reason our maintenance team is chosen very carefully so that it has the following features: –

  • The team is able to deal with all kinds of malfunctions that occur in dishwashers and washing machines. And provide effective maintenance services at home without disturbing the family.
  • Reach customers quickly when requesting any service from the center. And the ability to deal with washing machines of all kinds and sizes. And perform the maintenance and repair tasks required by customers with the highest quality in record time.
  • That the work teams are famous for their good reputation and good treatment because they form the front of the company. Proficient in the use of modern equipment and tools. inWashing machine repair company in Al AinThis to help them perform the tasks assigned to them professionally.
  • Therefore there is no need for hesitation anymore as the work team undergoes a series of training courses in the field of maintenance and repair of washing machines in Al Ain at regular intervals. To improve the efficiency and quality of the services they provide.

Repair of automatic washing machines

Emirates Fix is ​​one of the companies that provides its customers with many advantages in every service it provides which makes it one of the most important companies in its field among the various competing companies. One of the most important of these distinctive services is theMaintenance of automatic washing machinesand repair its faults. Relying on modern methods and advanced means. As the company provides this type of service it relies on technical equipment. Which helps her to reach the faults accurately and efficiently. As she uses computers in the maintenance and repair of various forms of faults for all types of washing machines. In providing this service it relies on a skilled and trained team to provide this type of service with high quality. The company also provides many maintenance and repair centers for washing machines above automatic in particular in all regions of the Emirate of Al Ain. In addition it owns a fleet of modern cars equipped with With the equipment needed by the work team by providing washing machine repair and maintenance services at customers’ homes.Read more about:A company repairing air conditioners refrigerators and washing machines in Shakhbout City – Abu Dhabi

Dishwasher repair in Al Ain

Dishwashers have become an essential part of most homes in the Emirate of Al Ain. As it helps the head of the family to clean dirty cups dishes and utensils especially during large banquets. The role of the dishwasher is not limited only to cleaning dishes as it also works to sterilize them completely. By using water with high temperatures that the housewife cannot deal with directly. Therefore dishwasher users are keen to preserve it by using powders for cleaning dishes. In order not to damage the parts of the dishwasher from the inside. This in addition to their keenness to use the Emirates Fix company. Which is the best in providing servicesDishwasher maintenance and cleaningAnd detecting any faults in it and repairing them before causing them to stop permanently. A dishwasher repair company in Al Ain provides you with the highest level of quality in comprehensive services which saves you the trouble of finding a maintenance company for your dishwasher when it breaks down.

  • Where the best technicians are specially trained to deal with faults professionally.
  • We also offer the lowest prices for dishwasher installation and maintenance services.
  • In addition we are the fastest dishwasher repair service in Al Ain.
  • The company also operates throughout the week without stopping.
  • We also have the latest equipment fixtures and tools for dishwasher maintenance and installation.
  • Also our spare parts are original and guaranteed and we provide a guarantee on all parts so that customers can benefit from after-sales service.

Know that performing periodic maintenance of all electrical household appliances and repairing any faults quickly saves a lot of effort and money compared to buying replacement appliances.

What are the faults of dishwashers?

The company provides this service by relying on an integrated team of technicians and maintenance engineers who are trained on how to deal with the latest equipment and tools that are used to detect any small fault. It makes it easier to repair. As it is able to deal with various malfunctions that may occur in dishwashers such as:

  1. Not cleaning dishes as required
  2. Not heating the water
  3. The presence of thick foam inside the washing machine tub
  4. The washing machine stopped working even though it was running
  5. The water does not drain and collects on the floor of the dishwasher even though the washing cycle has finished

What types of washing machines do we provide maintenance services for in Al Ain?

Emirates Fix is ​​the bestA washing machine repair and maintenance company in Al AinAll the human and mechanical components that help it provide the best service for the various types of washing machines. In addition to the ideal dealing with different models of various brands of each type separately such as:Automatic washing machinesSamsung Automatic 18 kg model WD18J7825KP Zanussi Automatic 9 kg model ZWF91486ZSLG Automatic 8 kg model FH4G6TDY6 Ideal Zanussi Automatic 10 kg model ZW8F1168MS Fresh Automatic 7 kg model FFM70-1400S Beko Automatic 9 kg model WMY91230SLB1Top automatic washing machinesLG Super Automatic 17KG Model T1732AFPS5 Toshiba Super Automatic 17KG Model AEW-DC1700SUPDS Universal Super Automatic 18KG Model WFTP18WH-AAIN2P Samsung Super Automatic 22KG Model WA22J8700GPLG Super Automatic 18KG Model T1882WFFS5Ordinary washing machinesHisense two basins capacity 7 kg Samsung two basins 7 kilo Hitachi two basins 17 kiloclicon two basins capacity 7 kg LG two basins with a capacity of 8 kg Homer two basins 7 kg Media two basins 10 kg Panasonic 6 kg

How is the washing machine maintenance and repair service done in Al Ain?

The company’s team provides the service according to a number of different steps which you rely on bestMaintenance and repair of washing machines in Al AinTo carry out maintenance and repair tasks for washing machines. Through these steps:

  1. The customer calls Emirates Fix numbers and requests repair or maintenance services for washing machines in Al Ain.
  2. Where the team of customer service representatives presents the customer’s problem to the work team.
  3. Then the company’s representative goes to the customer after the appointment he sets with the company and he inspects the washing machine to reach the best solutions.
  4. After completing the inspection of the washing machine the defects and problems in it are accurately identified and the work team begins to develop a plan to address these problems and defects.
  5. Work is also being done to equip specialized accurate and distinguished machines and equipment in the work on repairing different types of washing machines.
  6. Then repairs of faults and maintenance of defects are started damaged spare parts are replaced when needed and problems that the washing machine suffers from are resolved.
  7. After completing the repair and maintenance of the washing machine work is done to operate it in front of the customer with a warranty certificate on all spare parts that are replaced.

Malfunctions of washing machines that the company deals with

Emirates Fix is ​​distinguished from other companies that compete with it in the same field in that it possesses the ingredients that qualify it to deal with all types of washing machine malfunctions. There are also many common malfunctions that can occur on different types of washing machines such as:

  1. The washing machine vibrates vigorously
  2. The washing machine has stopped working
  3. Not draining the washing machine
  4. The washer rotates in one direction

As the company is able to deal with all these malfunctions and many others and repair them in a way that suits each of them and it relies on many effective ingredients in implementing this type of service.

Our tips for maintaining washing machines with an eye

progressWashing machine repair company in Al AinMany tips that help customers protect washing machines the most important of which are:

  1. You must choose the type of powder that is suitable for the washing machine.
  2. Also heavy objects should not be placed on top of the washing machine while it is in operation.
  3. Also make sure that the water sources feed the washing machine properly.
  4. To pay attention to the cleanliness of the internal parts of the washing machine from time to time.
  5. Make sure to clean the washing machine permanently to ensure that unpleasant odors are eliminated.
  6. You should also make sure that there are no coins inside the clothes that are being washed.
  7. Leave a suitable distance between the washing machine and the walls so that the washing machine gets the required ventilation.
  8. In addition to the need to clean its water filter continuously to ensure clean clothes.

The most important washing machine repair tools and materials that we use in our service?

The company provides the latest washing machine repair and maintenance tools and materials to provide valuable service to all customers and all our maintenance teams are trained on how to use them. The following are some of the manual tools that are used in the washing machine maintenance process:

  • Rubber pads of different diameters against shocks and vibrations prevent noise in the washing machine and help in fixing and supporting the legs of the washing machine.
  • A special grease that is waterproof anti-corrosion and anti-friction and works to facilitate movement between the metal parts inside the washing machine.
  • Screwdriver for attaching and loosening fasteners.
  • Wooden mallet or rubber mallet.
  • Test screwdriver to check the power and electric current.
  • System wrench to facilitate access to screws in narrow places.
  • Welding machine for easy welding of pipes safely.

What are the steps and methods of our company to repair washing machines?

  1. At first you should knowThe most important procedures in repairing washing machines in Al AinIn our company first we check that the current reaches the washing machine. and that the cables and cords are safe and that the power switch is well connected.
  2. The technician performs a quick check of the washing machine to discover faults and selects the equipment needed to maintain the washing machine.
  3. Then the task of cleaning the washing machine and repairing the broken part or replacing it with an original part in case it is damaged is done while providing the warranty.
  4. All advice and instructions are also provided to customers on the correct use of the washing machine so that everyone can maintain it for the longest time.

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Al Ain washing machine repair company prices

The prices of the Al Ain washing machine repair company vary according to the type of malfunction or whether or not spare parts are required to be replaced and this should only be done through a washing machine repair service technician who is aware of all the malfunctions. Therefore the company offers suitable and cheap prices that suit everyone. It offers continuous and permanent weekly and monthly discounts to gain the trust of customers and attract the largest number of citizens to deal with the company. It not only provides washing machine repair services but also provides repair and maintenance services for various brands and models of electrical appliances. It provides 100% guaranteed original spare parts. Emirates Fix is ​​one of the companies that provides the price that all customers are looking for as it offers them a low price for maintenance and repair services for high-quality washing machines in all areas of Al Ain. Therefore in the event that you are a customer looking for quality in the services provided then our company is your best choice . Nor do we ask exorbitant prices but our prices are always acceptable to everyone. We are also considered one of the best companies that have achieved the challenge of balancing low prices with quality service that suits all brands of washing machines. In addition to that we also seek to gain the trust of our new customers so we deal with them in a completely transparent and reliable way and we provide them with discounts of no less than 40%.

The cheapest washing machine repair company in Al Ain

The maintenance and repair of washing machines in Al Ain is one of the best companies that ask for a decent price although it is a company with experience in this field and is able to provide service with skill and ease. Nevertheless it is keen to take care of all customers in Al Ain and its surroundings and sets prices for them that suit their budget ​​So that all categories of customers can apply for its services. As a result you will find that it contains the largest permanent list of customers who request maintenance and repair services for all brands of washing machines of all kinds.

أسعار شركة العين لتصليح غسالات الملابسAl Ain washing machine repair company prices

Washing machine repair company number in Al Ain

A washing machine repair company in Al Ain offers 24/7 telephone numbers. Through a professional maintenance team. The company also operates from Saturday to Friday throughout the day and on public holidays seasons feasts and special occasions. Emirates Fix provides a number of phone numbers through which maintenance and repair services can be requested for various brands of washing machines in Al Ain. In addition It also offers you several other ways to obtain services the most important of which is requesting services through social networking sites Facebook Twitter or Instagram. In addition the company allows you to access its website to learn about the services it provides and the discounts it provides. We also have a mobile phone number To request a maintenance service for an automatic washing machine or dishwasher and to report problems and malfunctions. You can contact us through the company’s Facebook page or WhatsApp.


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